Compliance creates trust

Compliance creates trust

At innogy, we are aware of our social role and our responsibility towards customers, business partners, shareholders and employees. This is why we have a set of clear principles in our code of conduct that define how we conduct our business and social activities. We expect the same of our partners. The ten principles of conduct contained in our Code of Conduct also forms the basis for establishing common standards in our collaboration with business partners and suppliers and therefore forms a part of all contractual relationships.

Our code of conduct

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The Compliance Report 2019 offers a review of innogy’s compliance activities in the year 2019 and of the development of the innogy Compliance Management System.

Compliance Report 2019

UK Tax Strategy

innogy has a social role and responsibility towards not only customers, business partners, shareholders and employees, but to the communities in which we do business. As part of our responsibilities, we strive to be transparent in our dealings and pay the right amount of tax in each jurisdiction where we operate, including the UK, which has a separate tax policy detailing the principles by which our tax affairs are managed.

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Annette Linau
T +49 201 12 15275
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