We do a lot when it comes to health,
safety and environmental protection –
but we do not compromise

innogy is a responsible company – that applies to big social issues like climate protection, but also to all our employees, partners and clients. Therefore, we work hard to mitigate health risks and avoid accidents. These aspirations are key elements of our corporate strategy. Optimal, safe working standards are continuously developed and implemented day by day. We do not see this simply as a legal obligation but primarily as a human commitment.

Our policy on health, safety and environmental protection

innogy wins "Health and Safety Oscar"

Health Guard: Work safety through smart clothing

Health, safety and environmental protection are fundamental parts of our business activities. In our vision, we highlight innogy's commitment: Zero harm to people. No damage to the environment.

Environmental protection

Climate protection, energy efficiency and biodiversity are corner stones of the corporate strategy

For a secure energy supply in the future

innogy is committed


Our values, our actions

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