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A large family with members from different cultural backgrounds sits in the garden: innogy strengthens the community.

We are there and take care!

innogy operates in many parts of Europe. Wherever we have a presence, we see ourselves as part of society and want to make a contribution to the wider community. We are in a lively exchange with our customers to be aware of the whole spectrum of their needs and options. Being a reliable energy supplier, innogy offers a wide range of forward-looking products and tailored services: from power and gas supplies, through smart storage technologies and efficient energy saving solutions, on to the installation and operational management of photovoltaic and wind power plants. The innogy experts advise and assist you in all matters relating to modern energy supply. And since we value the trust of our customers, we do in fact quite a lot to foster it actively.


Sustainability report 2017

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Sustainability report 2016

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