Vocational qualification

Internship as a stepping stone

innogy provides refugees with professional qualifications.

Finally get started! First- and further qualification at innogy

Innogy qualifies professionally. Thereby, we especially focus on the quality, instead of short, not expedient internships, we created a new way in 2017: chance2start – an entry program for good qualified refugees with a recognized degree, B2-German language assessment and first professional experience. According to their professional qualification they are employed for one year. Next to language courses, mentoring an job coaching, our program supports the integration to the world of work . Out of the first nine participants we have already taken in four of them into a temporary employment relationship at innogy. In November 2018 nine new participants started. At the moment we train 20 refugees, many of them already began with our entry program “I’ll make it!” to prepare for education in the best way possible. In total 30 refugees got through “I’ll make it!”. Furthermore, 80 refugees completed internships in different subject areas and four working students are, next to their studies, part of our company.

Entry levels

After completing his internship at innogy, Ghaith Samman received a fixed-term contract.

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