Protecting the environment and the climate

innogy’s comprehensive environmental management policies

A little girl lies in the grass: innogy is committed to protecting ecosystems.

Climate change poses a risk to the future of our planet. innogy faces up to this responsibility and endeavours to continuously drive the expansion of electricity generation from renewable energy sources. Whether onshore and offshore wind or hydropower: innogy wants to conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions. In this way we are contributing to the protection of the environment and the climate.

Energy efficiency – less cost, more comfort

In order to conserve resources, more energy efficient production and management methods are required. We have implemented various modernisation measures and expanded our energy management system, resulting not only in reduced CO2 emissions from our plants, but also in an improved energy balance for our buildings. In addition, innogy supports its customers with a comprehensive range of innovative technologies and a multitude of services in order to preserve energy. innogy’s energy consulting service provides valuable advice for reducing energy consumption and costs. Whether in the electric mobility or SmartHome sectors, with home heating services or state-of-the-art electricity storage systems: innogy sets new standards with the energy products of the future.

Wind turbines in the open sea: Gwynt y Môr wind farm off the coast of North Wales is an innogy plant that has been integrated into the natural environment.

Preserving biodiversity

In order to generate energy, innogy, like any other energy supplier, must encroach upon the natural environment. This applies to utilising conventional resources as well as electricity generation from renewables. However, these interventions in the environment must be as gentle as possible, because preserving biodiversity and protecting the environment are very important to innogy. Our environmental management systems not only ensure that the proportion of non-recyclable waste is reduced but also that any potential damage is adequately repaired or offset by appropriate measures like the restoration of ecosystems. 


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