ESG Ratings

The rating of companies with regard to their responsibility is made by independent agencies. These evaluations are based on sustainability and business reports, and provide specific questionnaires on environmental, social and corporate responsibility (environmental, social, governance ratings / ESG ratings).

They are based on globally recognized standards, goals and principles for sustainability, such as the UN Global Compact. On the basis of this information, innogy SE is assessed how it performs its corporate and social responsibility (CSR performance). This is evaluated in a specific system and classified as a branch.

These corporate ratings are also increasingly used by investors and banks when they invest in innovations-oriented projects and companies of innogy SE in order to invest or recommend them.

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innogy issues first German corporate Green bond in benchmark size

Today innogy successfully placed the first German corporate Green Bond in benchmark size. innogy’s inaugural Green Bond is an interest-bearing security, whose issue proceeds are used to refinance sustainable projects.

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The following is an overview of the main ESG ratings of innogy SE.

ESG Ratings