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innogy stands for an open, united and strong Europe! Personal statements and pictures of our employees show what Europe means for them.

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For me, Europe is...

...a unity of peace, people, the future and the environment.
Nicholas Clement, Renewables (Onshore Wind) Monitoring System (Swindon, UK)
...a save and prosperous future for my family and friends!
Tim Verstegen, Retail (Hertogenbusch, Netherlands)
...the bridge that connects friendly and forward-thinking nations and their citizens together.
John Patterson, Renewables, Offshore Wind (Swindon, UK)
Tamas Gyorfi, Budapest, Ungarn
…in the present, we are responsible for the past and for the future!
Tamás Győrfi, Electricity Customer Service - Support (Budapest, Hungary)
...to bloom like flower and flower buds being part of same plant; now and for our future generations.
Imran Jami, Technical Engineering - Onshore Wind (Swindon, UK)
… working without boundaries.
Andre Wanner, Renewables (with team from Germany, UK, Netherlands and Italy)
... the opportunity to make things better.
Bereczki Ferencné, ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Hálózati Kft (Budapest, Hungary)
...a bridge to opportunities.
Ann Rodger, Retail / Procurement (Worcester, UK)
...a strongly connected and online collective which has a lot of potential to move forward by learning from other collectives.
Daniel Diers, Corporate Procurement (Dortmund, Germany)
...one big colorful menu, where each food is unique, but all of them tempt to taste :) "yum"
Dana Benešová, Procurement and Services (Prague, Czech Republic)
…you'll never paddel alone!
Susanne Lau-Jermann, Grid & Infrastructure/ Competence-Center apprenticeship (Essen, Germany)
...my working place. It is great to work in such an international team and combine brains across countries.
Lasse Brinkmann, Renewables, Onshore Wind (Essen, Germany)
...a continent where distance has lost its meaning.
Son Tran Tuan, innogy Consulting (with team from Czech Republic, Germany and UK)
...the combination of the common economy enviroment and living space.
Sandor Kiss, Regulation Management Department (Budapest, Hungary)

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