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innogy is a European energy company with locations in many different countries. It has the unique economic and political conditions in Europe to thank for its success – just like countless other companies with headquarters in one of the 28 EU member nations. The security and prosperity of millions of employees and their families are therefore inextricably linked with a unified Europe. And yet, fear and distrust of European unity are on the rise.

This is why innogy has joined forces with well-known partners to make a strong stand for our common economic zone and living space. Fascinating promotions, events, discussions and an unequivocal commitment to Europe are all designed to remind our society of the compelling benefits of Europe – and convince people to recommit to the idea of Europe.

#We4Europe – using this hashtag you can follow, forward and comment the Initiative’s activities on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

For an open, united and strong Europe!

innogy and other well-known companies make a concerted stand against growing Euroscepticism.

Europe’s economy has benefitted for over half a century from peace and freedom – the basis of prosperity for hundreds of millions of people. Sadly, a crisis of confidence is currently undermining that sense of togetherness and our whole quality of life within the European region. We´re  standing strong in our commitment to Europe.


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innogy logo on adapted European map against pink background.
Together for Europe! With its partners, innogy is putting its support behind Europe as an economic area and a place to live in.

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As well as innogy, other well-known companies are taking part in the business initiative “We’re for Europe”.

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