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innogy is the answer to the big trends that are changing the energy sector worldwide, and in Europe and Germany in particular: decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation. These trends are reflected in its three key business areas of Grid & Infrastructure, Retail and Renewables.


Wind turbine on a sunny day. The energy transition to renewables began a long time ago.

The drive to reduce carbon emissions is a worldwide trend. Many countries in Europe have also committed to expanding renewables. The current focus is on electricity production and only to a lesser extent on heating and energy for the transport sector.


Solar panels on the roof. Power customers are becoming "prosumers" and distribution systems "smart grids".

Decentralisation of our energy systems would be unthinkable without digitalisation. Networking and automation are increasing at breakneck speed – for both grids and customers. They expect individual offers and interactive options – spawning new digital markets and services.


SmartHome home control systems. The smart home control options are many and varied.

Increasing volumes of power being fed into the grid from renewable sources presents big challenges for distribution system operators . To ensure ongoing security of supply, substantial investment is required in further development of smart grids.

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Electricity, heating and transportation – three sectors for the energy transition

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