Inclusive Culture

Appreciation, respect and team spirit – that’s the DNA of innogy’s leadership style.

Two people working together

Leadership is committed to establish a culture of openness and esteem. We assume this to be a basic condition for true diversity within innogy. But it is not enough to support this kind of diversity within our team, it has to be implemented in our corporate culture to become part of our daily behaviour to make these diverse teams more efficient.
Inclusive culture helps to identify all potentials within our staff to improve team results. It offers us the opportunity to change processes more flexibly and efficiently. We are getting more attractive as an employer, we can recruit the best talents and we are able to engage high-performers the long-run.
Mind-set and behaviour of our executives are the key to implement such an open and respectful corporate culture. They are being supported, developed and challenged in training programs, individual coaching and team feedback.

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