We pave the way to an emission-free world

innogy contributes to protecting the environment and safeguarding biodiversity

Climate change is a risk to our planet. innogy faces this responsibility and has set itself the goal of resolutely moving forward with the expansion of electricity generation from renewables. Be it onshore and offshore wind farms or generating electricity from water power, the aim is to conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions. That way we help to protect the climate and the environment. 

Our contribution towards an emission-free world 
No intervention without maintaining balance – we respect biodiversity
Conserving resources and promoting energy efficiency 

Greenhouse gas emissions are the main driver of climate change. With our plants, we support customers all over the world to reduce emissions and to use green electricity. We assist international and national efforts to reduce emissions, with particular regard to the targets of the Paris Agreement. We report transparently on our own (scope 1) emissions and those indirectly associated with us (scope 2 and 3). We are continuously striving to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable so that we can keep reducing our own footprint.

To construct and run our plants, innogy has to intervene in the environment and nature. This impact should be as considerate as possible, since conserving biological diversity and protecting the environment is close  to our hearts. Our environmental management systems ensure that the amount of non-recyclable waste is reduced and existing damage is compensated with appropriate measures, such as the restoration of ecosystems.

Conserving resources means energy-efficient production and operation. By initiating various modernisation measures and expanding our energy management system, we are not only reducing the CO2 emissions of our plants but also improving the energy consumption of our properties. innogy offers its customers comprehensive support in saving energy with innovative technologies and a wide range of services. innogy’s energy consultancy service provides valuable advice to those seeking to reduce their energy use and costs and also increase their quality of life. innogy sets standards with forward-looking products in electric mobility, SmartHome solutions, our home heating services and state-of-the-art energy storage facilities.

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