Our commitment

We do business sustainably on the basis of deep-rooted values, clearly defined regulations and transparent duties

We prioritise sustainable success, which is why our corporate activity is characterised by integrity and compliance with the law. We have clear-cut duties for sustainability and continuously work on integrating environmental and social aspects into our processes.

Our values
How we organise sustainability 
Open to dialogue 

We have distinct principles that provide the framework for our business and social activities. These are set out in our Code of Conduct, which applies to all employees of our Group. It requires that we comply with laws and regulations, observe human rights and ensure free, transparent and fair competition. It takes a clear stand against any kind of discrimination, corruption and other unfair and unlawful practice. 

Sustainability is at the heart of our company: we integrate environmental and social considerations into our daily operations. The Executive Board of innogy SE is responsible for continuous development and further integration. The importance of sustainability is demonstrated by anchoring various aspects in the Executive Board’s remuneration. Below the Executive Board, the Corporate Responsibility department coordinates various sustainability activities in the Group in close collaboration with other departments. 

innogy is open to criticism and constructive dialogue: our compliance management system ensures that the risk of our Code of Conduct being violated is kept as low as possible. In daily operations, this is assured by organisational standards, such as the dual control principle, authorisation schemes and concepts, compliance with regulations and separation of duties. Compliance requirements are also considered in decisions concerning the establishment of relationships with business partners and suppliers. Therefore, we aspire to integrate innogy’s principles from the Code of Conduct into contractual relationships. In cases of a violation, employees can contact superiors or responsible compliance officers. There are further contact partners for external people. The specialist departments can also be contacted at any time.

Global tax policy

For us, paying statutory taxes is not just about complying with the law, we see our tax payments as a fair contribution towards financing and developing communities in all countries where we enjoy success as a company. We also see making our fiscal conduct as transparent as possible and disclosing it to the extent required by law as part of our social responsibility.

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