innogy is part of the big picture

We take on our responsibility in society

We are taking a stand because we believe that companies have a responsibility to be a force for good. That is why we get involved in social and political issues and discussions and support our employees in voluntary work. 

We respect human rights 
In discussion with politics and society
innogy's commitment to society 

innogy is taking action all over the world– from the United States to Australia. We consider upholding human rights our responsibility, both within our company and in our supply chain. Our Code of Conduct and our human rights declaration form a sturdy basis for consistently reviewing our due diligence obligations and related processes and regulations, and improving them as needed. We regularly report on the measures we take.

We strive to engage in dialogue and are keen to discuss the topics that are important to us. Be it with non-governmental organisations, citizens, policy-makers, customers or other interested parties, constructive dialogue provides us with important assessments and ideas to further enhance our action. When we carry out our activities, we act on the basis of clear regulations – independent of any political party and with integrity.

innogy operates in many parts of Europe. Wherever we are located in Europe, we see ourselves as part of society and want to contribute to the community. We want to be a reliable energy provider for our customers and also play an active role. That is why we help thousands of our employees to carry out social projects every year through the Companius initiative. Our company foundation, the innogy Foundation for Energy and Society, also supports projects at the interface between energy, education, culture and social innovation.

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