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The energy customer of the future will be more than just a consumer. Modern technology is already revolutionising the way we use energy at home and is changing the way we keep ourselves mobile.

A reliable supply of energy has always been one of our basic needs. However, the way we generate and use heat and electricity is changing in a fundamental way. And this trend will definitely continue in the future. Customers are gradually becoming active players in the energy market. For example, they are producing an increasing share of their electricity using photovoltaic systems, store it at home and use it as needed. This means houses will even serve as charging stations, delivering green electricity for electric cars. Smart electric meters already enable our customers to constantly monitor how much electricity they consume and conveniently manage their electricity use from their Smart Home.

Reconciling and managing the small and large contributions of the many players in the energy market of the future will be one of our biggest challenges. Future technologies like artificial intelligence will assist us along the way.

We will all have to embrace the paradigm change within society as a whole and everybody will have to do his bit in order to achieve our climate targets. At innogy, we want to support our customers with good ideas and keep developing new products and services all the time. We want to provide our customers with the best possible level of comfort and help them design their own personal energy world.

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