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Flexible systems.

The sun, wind and other renewables are playing an increasingly important role as sources of energy. Our energy systems need to become more flexible as renewables generate an increasing share of our electricity. This means that powerful storage systems are becoming increasingly crucial.

Renewable energy sources not only protect the environment, they also call for completely new, smart solutions. While solar power systems and wind turbines can already meet all of Germany’s energy needs on sunny and stormy days, these systems only produce a fraction of the required power if the sky is cloudy and the weather is calm.

This is why innogy is examining the exact changes that are needed to facilitate the energy transition and determining the specific requirements that energy storage systems need to meet. These storage systems need to precisely adapt to specific requirements and play very different roles on a case-by-case basis.

innogy is conducting research to find out what the ideal combination of features is for storage systems, as part of the ‘Energy systems and storage’ project. We investigate a large range of systems, from single-family houses through to the nationwide energy system in Germany. We run computer simulations to determine, for example, where it would be useful to deploy energy storage systems and what features these systems should have. innogy frequently implements such projects to investigate specific questions relating to energy storage.
We need to consider the bigger picture relating to energy systems in order to create smart solutions for the energy transition. We need to determine how we can effectively network different application areas that require energy, such as lighting, heating, transport and industry. This approach is called ‘sector coupling’, and involves, for example, using electric cars for power storage or reusing waste heat to supply heat.

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