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Development of digital business models

The communications, mobility, security, logistics and energy sectors are increasingly becoming one. Disruptive business models that mix things up and serve new approaches fundamentally change the game rules of entire industries. The energy industry is also affected by this. The innogy Innovation Hub drives forward the transformation from a power plant-based energy generation company into a customer-oriented solutions provider – at the innogy Innovation Hub, we are developing digital business models.

Based on existing product ideas and technologies, we work with start-up companies to develop new business models and solutions that fulfil the wishes and needs of our customers. We do this by developing simple prototypes very quickly and testing them in pilot projects with specific customer groups. Once a product is ready for the market, we start offering it to our customers as part of our regular range of products. For us, innovation means implementation!

Always once step ahead: we network worldwide within innovation ecosystems. And we are on site at locations where innovations and new ideas are born: in Silicon Valley, in Tel Aviv, Berlin and London. 
Our focus here is on the areas Smart and Connected, Urban Solutions as well as Disruptive Digital.

Smart and Connected

Smart and Connected addresses the digitalisation of day-to-day life and the working world as well as interconnected systems.

Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions deals with the upcoming challenges in terms of living and working in mega-cities. For example, we are working on augmented reality solutions, the integration of virtual reality into the working world.

Disruptive Digital

Disruptive Digital looks at questions around how to design the energy system of the future.

In the innovation arena, one thing counts more than anything else: speed. The innogy Innovation Hub is a virtual platform containing small teams that are similar to start-up companies. The flexible and agile structure of the network organisation avoids hierarchies, gives more responsibility to individual people and enables Hub employees to adapt quickly to new situations and conditions.

Our collaboration with start-up enterprises aims to develop common business with high growth potential. Would you like to learn more? Come and visit us at

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