New platform for the energy market of the future

Cooperation of innogy and Kiwigrid

Centralised power plants are a thing of the past – the energy market of the future is extremely fragmented. Today, more than 1.3 million large and small renewable energy systems and remote storage units are already connected to the German distribution grids. An intelligent control system is necessary for these plants to ensure security of supply in Germany in the future and to provide customers with smart solutions that will enable them to control and optimise their own energy consumption. innogy SE has therefore been investing in such future technologies internationally. The company’s latest direct investment is in Kiwigrid GmbH in Dresden. This new technology company, named in the 2017 Global Cleantech 100 report, develops and operates an open communication and control platform for smart energy management.

The energy platform developed by Kiwigrid brings the transformation of the energy industry directly to the customer: PV systems, heat pumps, storage units and even charging stations for electric vehicles can be monitored and controlled with this powerful software. 

Kiwigrid’s intelligent solution is the perfect fit for our customers’ needs. It enables them to control their energy consumption efficiently and save money by selling self-generated electricity from their rooftop PV systems or by using it to charge their electric vehicles in their own garage.

For Carsten Bether, founder and CEO of Kiwigrid, having innogy as a shareholder is a win-win situation:

“innogy and our other partners are leading international companies in their respective segments. Over 123 million customers rely on their products and solutions. With these strategic partners, Kiwigrid will be able to establish itself as an industrial company and to contribute to shaping the global transformation of the energy system.”

innogy acquired the Kiwigrid shares from Innogy Venture Capital GmbH. The investment round was led by AQTON SE and comprised an amount in the two-digit million range. innogy SE is now one of the main investors in Kiwigrid, along with AQTON and LG Electronics. A core element of the collaboration is the smart grid operating system “KiwiOS”. This will provide the future energy grid with maximum security and intelligence. Kiwigrid is presenting the first controllable devices to use “KiwiOS” at the upcoming E-world in Essen. In addition to the development of the new platform, over the next few years Kiwigrid will be focusing on the internationalisation of the platform.

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