Partnerships with start-ups

Developing new solutions, together

An entrepreneur stands in front of an audience and presents his ideas: innogy focusses on world-wide partnerships and networks.

In order to get promising ideas and projects onto the market as quickly as possible we focus on world-wide partnerships and networks that we are continuously expanding.

Silicon Valley – where billion-dollar ideas are born

We seek out agile start-up enterprises who we can work with on finding solutions to the needs of our 23 million customers and to implement our comprehensive energy expertise. We are interested in ideas and technologies developed in places like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv or Berlin’s start-up scene , which we can establish on our home market.

However, in Silicon Valley, innogy doesn’t want to limit itself to individual partnerships, it aims to have a part in the entire range of innovations. With this in mind, the company is investing in a renowned venture capital fund that focuses on green technologies.

In Berlin, the innogy Innovation Hub has partnered up with the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC), the first start-up platform in Germany that is funded by private business. GTEC brings together technology start-ups, internationals corporations, academic institutions, accelerators, venture capital funds and private investors under one umbrella. The Entrepreneurship Center supports innovative entrepreneurs in the early phases of their projects. It integrates academia, research and start-up support in one institution that is open to both German and international entrepreneurs.

Israel – one of the leading innovation ecosystems

Israel is one of the leading innovation ecosystems in the world, with over 5,000 start-ups, 25 incubators, 50 accelerators, 90 venture capital companies and over 200 private innovation enthusiasts and micro-funds. With the cream of this crop, we want to develop new business models.

London – one of the leading markets in e-commerce

The UK market is one of biggest e-commerce markets in Europe (1) and London is an ideal place to scout for start-ups to help us develop new business models and create an innovation culture at innogy.

Innogy’s venture capital fund: €130 million in start-up funding

innogy has set up a Corporate Venture Team as part of its collaboration with start-ups. We cooperate with and invest in start-up companies that already have a nascent business model and have carried out initial customer testing. We aim to work with start-up companies to develop a stable business model and to grow it within the innogy business. To achieve this, we invest in start-ups that offer digital solutions in “Decentralised and Smart Grids”, “Renewables” and “Energy Management” as well as solutions for the energy system of the future. The investment fund disposes of a total investment volume of €130 million.

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