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A lab technician checks a solar film: innogy has installed the HeliaFilm in a biogas plant to test this innovative PV technology.

As a modern, European supply company, we want to move our business models away from operating major plants to a stronger focus on products and services that meet the needs of our customers in all walks of life . We are working with international partners to find the best possible solutions, bringing experience and expertise to bear on the ever-expanding grid.


How can the electric vehicle charging infrastructure be improved in Germany? innogy Innovation Hub’s start-up company Share&Charge is addressing this question. The solution the 8-strong team has found: an online platform that electric vehicle drivers can use to make their private charging point available to other users. Share&Charge customers can use an interactive card to locate charging stations nearby, make contact and recharge their electric vehicle for a fee.

The start-up entrepreneurs from Essen use the knowledge and experience of test customers to develop an app for this business model. Share&Charge project leader Dietrich Sümmermann demonstrates how the sharing concept works on a test drive through the Ruhr region:

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Heliatek – sustainable and modern energy

Dresden start-up company Heliatek is a pioneer in the field of organic solar panels. The environmentally-friendly, organic Heliafilm™ is flexible, ultra-light, thin and transparent, yet also robust. It can be laminated between various target materials like glass, concrete or the kind of air domes currently being used to house refugees. The practical focus lies on building-integrated PV or solar technology incorporated in buildings and the automobile sector. Heliatek is a sustainable, innovative approach for the modern energy world.
We have installed Heliatek organic solar film at our biogas plant in Bergheim-Paffendorf on the sheet steel of the exterior facade to test the merits of this innovative PV technology. Unlike conventional photovoltaic panels, this flexible and lightweight solar film has a negligible effect on structural engineering.
Back in 2009, innogy invested venture capital in the company which, along with contributions by other financial investors and industrial companies, enabled the pilot plant to be built.

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Fresh Energy - a fresh approach for the energy future 

Fresh Energy is working on a deceptively simple and smart idea. How about a monthly power bill that tells you which appliance in your household consumes the most power? Which would motivate you to save power every month? And immediately identify the true power guzzlers? Fresh Energy offers answers – in the form of a new energy management solution for private households as well as companies.

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Shine - person-to-person energy

This start-up from Essen is the first company of our own to have emerged from the innogy Innovation Hub. It offers an energy management system, allowing “prosumer s” – people who produce and consume their own power – to supply themselves and others with power. This smart technology will be an integral part of tomorrow’s energy mix. It involves regional and autonomous communities coming together as a network to share local and green power with one another.

Shine offers you the option of not only producing your own power and using it efficiently but also buying and selling it within the region. With our help you can produce, use and share up to 70 percent of your own electricity.

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Kiwigrid – the platform for future energy systems

Kiwigrid develops and operates Europa’s leading energy IoT (Internet of Things) platform for smart energy management. It enables power consumers, installers, plant builders and utilities to monitor, optimise and, where appropriate, combine decentralised energy systems. A local control unit allows peripherals like energy-generators, electricity storage devices, power consumers and meters to network with one another.
The ability to integrate all kinds of different devices within a neutral platform makes Kiwigrid stand out from the competition. Kiwigrid technology enables new products and services to be created and marketed, such as remote reading of smart meters, load management of electric vehicles and optimal energy usage.

For further information, go to:

More information about Kiwigrid

Planet OS – data-driven environmental analysis

There is an ever-increasing share of renewables in primary energy generation and our dependency on wind and solar is growing. For this reason, innogy has formed a strategic partnership with Planet OS. This technology developed by a California-based company allows geodata, operating data and other internal and external data to be incorporated into one system, where it can be analysed and evaluated. The system is being used in the Welsh offshore wind farm Gwynt y Môr jointly operated by Innogy and local partners. With direct access to all kinds of different data, we can respond more quickly to changing environmental conditions – making our work not only more efficient, but safer and more productive.

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