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For more convenience in daily life

A mother and her child managing their smart home from their laptop: one of innogy’s goals is to promote the digitalisation of day-to-day life. (Getty Images)

With its SmartHome products, innogy aims to make its customers’ living and working environments smarter, more efficient and more convenient. To achieve this, we are working with start-up companies and other partners in order to leverage their strengths to jointly offer new and innovative business models, solutions and services.

Zwei Ingenieure arbeiten mit einem Tablet vor einem Arbeitstisch, auf dem ein Zahnrad steht. (Quelle: Getty Images)

Reliable and convenient services

There are more smart technologies for private households than ever before. We work to develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into our day-to-day life.
In collaboration with our customers, we are testing pilot solutions at the innogy Innovation Hub. The main focus here is on products and digital services that use weather data to protect the home. For example, if there is a sudden change in the weather and a storm is coming but no one is home to do what needs to be done, we are thinking about solutions that will automatically close windows and blinds in order to protect the living space.

Independent living

We want to enjoy life in all its diversity. Here again, smart technologies can help us do this in comfort and without restrictions as early as possible and for as along as possible. Sensor-based security technology enables us to lead a carefree life, makes things simpler and safer. Even from a distance, when family members and/or generations don’t live together. Smart sensors and alarm systems help you protect your children, your parents and yourself.

Transparency and convenience at work

Digitalisation has long reached the production lines of small and medium sized enterprises. Transparent work processes, an agreeable office temperature, energy savings through intelligent energy management – these are just a few of the topics we address for our corporate customers. In this area, we are looking for technologies that enable our customers to improve their work space. 

We offer these companies our energy industry expertise as well as other resources that help them make their production process more transparent. And we want to support our customers in minimising existing risks as well as excessive energy and production costs.

Partnerships with start-ups

Developing new solutions, together

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