With the power of nature

We plan, construct and operate plants for generating electricity and energy from renewable sources. Our objective is to rapidly expand the use of renewables in Europe, by ourselves and with the help of partners. In this way we can successfully transform the energy sector together. We are active in the following technologies:


Onshore wind farms

innogy develops, builds and operates onshore wind farms, the biggest suppliers of green electricity. Our portfolio now comprises a capacity of more than 1.6 GW in six countries. And we are well positioned for continued growth internationally, alone or with partners.

Offshore wind farms

More and more powerful offshore wind farms go on stream. Since the wind tends to blow strongly and regularly on the open sea, their wind yield is particularly high. We plan, construct and operate offshore wind farms and in terms of installed capacity we are number 3 in the world.


Hydropower enables us to generate electricity in a climate-friendly way – without any power fluctuations that would need to be compensated. The innogy hydroelectric portfolio comprises a large number of sites in Germany as well as in the UK, France, Portugal and Spain. Protecting the water bodies we use for generating electricity as natural habitats is very important to innogy.

Solar energy

The role of photovoltaics for generating electricity from renewable sources continues to grow. In Germany we operate a number of smaller photovoltaic plants. But we are planning to expand our capacities on the future market of electricity generation from solar energy. We thus also focus on sunny regions like the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.


innogy operates three biogas plants in Germany. We utilise renewable agricultural products and other materials. Whether it is electricity for households or heat for nearby industrial plants – our biogas plants meet different requirements.


We operate pellet plants and biomass-fired combined heat and power plants. In this way we generate electricity and heat for nearby industrial plants or residential neighbourhoods. With this type of energy production, no more carbon dioxide is emitted during firing than the plants absorb when growing.

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Creating perspectives

Our share in transforming the energy sector - innogy researches new energy sources and pushes their development.

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