Research and development

Bergheim-Paffendorf biogas plant: here, a photovoltaic film, less than a millimetre thin, was attached to the fermenters as an additional energy source. (Source: RWE)

Sustainable biogas generation with new energy crop

Cup plant, “Silphium perfoliatum”: this plant belonging to the aster family is used to produce biogas. (Source: RWE)

We use a broad mix of resources to supply our biogas plants for the long term. In this context we are testing new energy plants like “Silphium perfoliatum”, the cup plant.

Alfalfa is another plant that is used to produce biogas. (Source: RWE)

Generating energy from wild plants

As a partner in the “Lebensraum Feldflur” network, we are working on the protection of species, nature and the environment in the “Energy from Wild Plants” project together with other players. In practical terms, this means: we want to establish different species of wild plants as an energy resource in addition to the conventional energy plants. Wild plant mixes for generating energy are already being grown in several German states.

More information on the "Lebensraum Feldflur" network

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