Wittgenstein pellet plant

Pellets from Germany

Energy from sustainable raw materials: the Wittgenstein pellet plant turns wood into certified quality pellets. (Source: RWE)

The Wittgenstein pellet plant is one of the most advanced of its kind in Germany. It is capable of producing up to 78,000 metric tons of quality pellets annually.

To manufacture our quality pellets, we need wood-based biomass. We mainly make use of sawmill residues. When necessary, we also use logs from the region. The wood that we use is ideally suited for pellet production because visual defects make it useless for the furniture industry. That means more sales opportunities for the regional forestry industry. We use our own bark stripper to ensure that only bark-free roundwood is used to make the pellets, thereby improving their quality.

Twice the benefit in Wittgenstein

The process heat for the pellet plant comes from the adjacent biomass block central cogeneration station. This opens up unique opportunities: manufacturing premium wood pellets by using process heat from a renewable primary energy source.

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