Fuel for a clean future

greenfuel is the lighthouse project of the European Green Capital – Essen 2017 and truly unique: innogy sustainably produces the environmentally friendly fuel of methanol at Lake Baldeney in Essen. This could, in future, be a key component for mobility with less impact on climate change, since it only releases the amount of CO2 that was previously extracted from the air for generating the methanol. Nowadays, many components contribute towards reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, for example with the expansion of electricity generation with wind and solar power plants, the use of energy-saving LED lights and the switch to electric cars. However, not all means of transport can be powered by electricity. What do we do with heavy load transporters, ships and aeroplanes? The liquid fuel of methanol offers an alternative for these!

We are demonstrating how this can work with MS innogy – the first ship in Germany to be powered by methanol. With this project, innogy covers the entire value chain for the first time – from the production of climate-neutral fuel using renewables through to application in a fuel cell on a ship. In addition to MS innogy, methanol is also used to power two electric cars which can run more than 500 km on electric power per tankful. Electric cars can also provide for an entire home if the photovoltaic system cannot supply enough.

Future here we come!

On 25 August at 16:00 p.m. the time had finally come: nine-year-old Paula, daughter of project manager Henning Joswig, christened our environmentally friendly passenger ship “MS innogy”. Lord Mayor of Essen Thomas Kufen and Peter Terium, former CEO of innogy SE, handed over the ship to the regular passenger service of Weiße Flotte Baldeney GmbH in a celebratory fashion.

Now you can enjoy a trip on the lake on board! Our excursion boat runs exclusively on sustainably produced methanol. A fuel cell converts it into electrical energy and uses it to charge two batteries. Their energy powers the electrical motor of the ship and keeps the lights on board illuminated and the pots on the galley stove cooking.

We take the high-tech research from the laboratory and demonstrate what the clean future of energy can look like without oil: quiet, clean engines that protect the climate. The new MS innogy is an energy revolution that you can touch.

infographic MS innogy

On Lake Baldeney, the MS innogy can run for up to 16 hours before the batteries and the methanol tank are empty and have to be recharged and refilled respectively.

Air + water + electricity = methanol

For methanol production in Essen we require carbon dioxide from the surrounding air, electricity from our innogy hydroelectric power plant by Lake Baldeney and normal water. From this, various enzymes “form” the energy carrier. From production to storage and transport through to use in transport and homes, you can experience all stages in the city of Essen – a world premiere!

chart "air + water + power = methanol"

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