Onshore wind farms

Wind turbines on land

Wind energy supplies the largest share of green electricity

Onshore wind farms – wind power stations on land – are the biggest suppliers of green electricity. Over the past two decades wind power has become the most cost efficient source of renewable energy. In addition to the number of wind turbines, the capacity of the individual turbines has grown enormously. While in the 1990s the standard capacity was in the region of 600 kW, today’s state of the art turbines have a capacity of around 7.5 MW.

innogy is a driving force in this dynamic market. We are planning to grow further – together with our partners.

Königshovener Höhe lighthouse project

Onshore construction projects

International experience with onshore wind farms

We have been active in the field of onshore wind for more than 20 years and we develop, build and operate wind farms in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Italy. innogy already operates onshore wind farms.

Together with our partners we are making the transformation of the energy sector happen

Opportunities for municipal participation – from the region for the region: if you as a local authority want to realise an onshore wind farm project together with an experienced partner, innogy is the right choice for you! We offer different participation models and are open to new concepts. We are also happy to involve your citizens. We will support you with the expertise we have gained over many years, with our personnel and logistical infrastructure and with our experience in liaising with important stakeholders. We want to create value in and for the regions.

"I am delighted that the town of Bedburg has taken this opportunity to realise one of the largest and most powerful wind farm projects in North Rhine-Westphalia on Königshovener Höhe in cooperation with innogy. With this investment we have not only made a major contribution towards the transformation of the energy sector in Germany, but in the long term we will also achieve cost savings that will ultimately benefit all citizens of Bedburg."

Sascha Solbach, Mayor of Bedburg

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innogy provides numerous options for an efficient and comfortable supply of electricity from renewable sources. We also work with the following technologies.




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