Harryburn Wind Farm

Theoretical visualization of Harryburn Wind Farm
proposed turbine locations of Harryburn Wind Farm


Harryburn Wind Farm Limited has applied for a direction under Section 57(2) of the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997 that planning permission for the development be deemed to be granted. A copy of the application, with a plan showing the land to which it relates, together with a copy of the Environmental Statement discussing the company’s proposals in more detail and presenting an analysis of the environmental implications, can be viewed on the following files.

proposed turbine locations
Proposed turbine locations

Location and description

The proposed Harryburn Wind Farm is located approximately 1.3km east of Leadhills Village and 1km southwest of Crawford in South Lanarkshire.  The site is being developed because of the following attributes:

  • high wind speeds
  • a site that allows for greater than 1km separation distance between wind turbines and the nearest residential properties
  • close proximity to the A74(M) motorway to enable easier transportation of turbine components to site
  • access for connection to the national grid network
  • being outside statutory designated sites for ecology and ornithology.


Proposed development

Based on the results from the environmental and technical surveys that have been undertaken and responses to the Scoping Report in 2016, the wind farm will comprise:

  • up to 17 wind turbines
  • each turbine will be up to 149.9m tall to blade tip
  • the installed capacity of the wind farm will be over 50MW.


Traffic access to site

As outlined at the public exhibition in September 2016, proposed access on to the site is from the M74 at Junction 14, on to the A702, with access to site being north of Elvanfoot village prior to the junction with the B7040. The wind farm substation will be constructed adjacent to the existing Scottish Power substation on the B7040 as indicated in orange on the map.

Section 36 application

As the proposed Harryburn Wind Farm will be over 50MW installed capacity the Environmental Statement (ES) will be submitted to, and will be determined by, the Scottish Government’s Local Energy Consents Unit (ECU) under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 (the 1989 Act). South Lanarkshire Council will be a statutory consultee to the Scottish Government.

You will be able to provide your feedback on the Harryburn Wind Farm proposal by submitting comments once innogy has submitted the planning application. An advertisement will be placed in the Lanark Gazette notifying people that the Harryburn Wind Farm application has been submitted to the ECU. The Harryburn Community Liaison Group will be informed directly and innogy will also circulate a notification to all households that will provide detail as to how you can comment on the application.

Community Benefit Fund

innogy is committed to following Scottish Government good practice guidance and, should the wind farm be consented, will provide a community benefit fund of £5K per MW installed capacity which could result in a fund of £255,000 to £306,000 subject to the final installed capacity of the site. In early 2017 local people had the opportunity to have their say, in a questionnaire, about priorities the funding could address, how it could be managed and who could benefit to best help improve the quality of life and economy of the local area.

Community Shared Ownership

Community Shared Ownership could provide the local community with the opportunity to consider investing in the Harryburn Wind Farm project. This could create an additional income stream for the area. innogy has hosted an initial meeting to discuss this further with local people who have already expressed an interest as well as representatives from Local Energy Scotland

If you are interested in finding out more about Community Benefit and / or Community Shared Ownership and / or getting involved in any further discussions with us please email harryburn@innogy.com

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