Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm

Wind energy from south Wales

Construction of innogy’s Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm set to start

Construction of Mynydd y Gwair onshore wind farm in South Wales, 15 km north of Swansea, is almost complete. Once operational, the 16 turbine project will have an installed capacity of up to 32.8MW. The wind farm will generate enough renewable energy to meet the equivalent needs of approximately 22,600 average Welsh households.

Community Investment

Working with communities

The Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm Community Fund is now live and amounts to £240,000 per annum over the operational lifetime of the wind farm, likely to be up to 25 years. This flexible funding has the potential to significantly benefit communities both very local to the project and more widely across Swansea.

Proposals for the Community Fund

In 2014 innogy consulted on our proposals for the fund with some key local stakeholders. We also commissioned Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS) to undertake a more detailed consultation exercise with communities within our proposed area of benefit for the local fund. The 2014 SCVS report is available here.

In 2018 a second consultation was commissioned within the Mawr Community Council area only as the two original consultation events in Mawr were postponed. PMDevelopments, was invited to work with Mawr Community Council and carry out this additional consultation. The findings of this second consultation project have been written up into a report which, where possible and appropriate, compares findings to and combines data with the results of the 2014 consultation and is available here.

You can read our full proposals, plus highlights from the 2014 consultation, along with more information about our next steps in developing the fund here:

Download Community Fund Structure Document
Download this document in Welsh here

Community Fund Administration

innogy is pleased to announce that the contract to administer the Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm Community Fund has been awarded to Swansea Council for Voluntary Service (SCVS). The fund, worth in the region of £6million over the expected 25 year operational lifetime of the project, will be open for applications once the wind farm is fully operational (likely Spring 2019).  

With a membership of over 250 local organisations, SCVS is the umbrella body for the third sector in Swansea. SCVS offers advice, guidance, information, development, training and representation services on all issues linked with voluntary activity.  Throughout 2018, SCVS will work closely with innogy to continue developing the structure of the community fund. If you would like to receive more information about the community fund you can contact Alyx Baharie, Development Officer, by email:, or call 01792 544005 or write to: SCVS, 7 Walter Road, Swansea, SA1 5NF.

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If you have any further questions for our Community Investment team please email

For more information about our community investment programme please visit our Community Investment pages.

Project name Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm
Number of turbines 16
Projected capacity up to 32.8MW
Height of turbines up to 127metres at the highest point
Non technical summary of the project Download

Construction Update

Project Manager, Tim James, will post regular updates on the construction of Mynydd y Gwair Wind Farm here.

Construction Project Manager’s Blog

Welcome to my Blog. During the construction of Mynydd y Gwair wind farm I will regularly update my blog to outline what has been happening on site, any upcoming events and share some progress photographs.


Following on from my news in February that we had achieved our first generation from the site I am now pleased to say that all of the components have been transported to site and the final wind turbine was erected today (19th March).  The crane will be dismantled over the next few days and leave site.

The Rotor is Lifted on the Final Wind Turbine
Mynydd y Gwair – The Rotor is Lifted on the Final Wind Turbine

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the local communities along the delivery route for their patience during the wind turbine component delivery period. It has been a significant challenge to erect the turbines through the winter but the challenges have demonstrated what a perfect site Mynydd y Gwair is for a wind farm!

12 turbines are now fully commissioned and generating with the next one due any day now!

Our next major milestone will be to get all 16 turbines up and generating renewable energy to the grid. At which point our much awaited Community Benefit Fund, worth in the region of £6M also becomes available. This is being administered independently from innogy by SCVS and we are excited to see the impact it will have locally.

During the next month or so we will reinstate the two splitter islands on the Penllegaer roundabout  and we will undertake final top-soiling and seeding around the turbines.


We have set up a text messaging service to keep you informed of what we are doing. This provides a fast and efficient way of keeping you updated with key construction activities, deliveries and information on our community benefit fund. If you would like to be contacted in this way please rgegister your mobile telephone number by texting your name and the acronym: MyGWF to 88882 or email us with your details.

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