innogy Solar Park Alarcos

In the province of Ciudad Real innogy builds up a huge solar park: Alarcos.

In the province of Ciudad Real innogy builds up a huge solar park: Alarcos.

Do it like the big RE100 companies! Those companies – and many more – use the so called Corporate Renewable Power Purchase Agreement (PPAs). 

It’s a win-win-situation for the corporate buyer as well as for the generator: renewable energy at a fixed price – no matter what the actual market price is – on the one hand and guaranteed purchaser on the other hand. 

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Usually corporates can choose between real physical energy to operate their buildings and their machines with renewable energy. Or they choose a virtual PPA, which fulfills the same definition criteria as a derivative: the corporate purchases the same energy as before but a contract with the generator hedges the company against losses due to price fluctuations for ten to fifteen years.
innogy allows companies to sign a Power Purchase Agreement at an early stage in this project – so you can see and tell the story of your future energy from the beginning. And the story begins in Alarcos, Spain.

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Project description

location / region Ciudad Real, Ciudad Real
area approx. 90ha
output to a maximum of 50 MW
estimated annual production 99 GWh/year

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The province of Ciudad Real, where Alarcos is located, is a province in the southwestern part of the autonomous community of Castile-La Mancha. 

Most of the province is an arid plain, cool in summer and very cold in winter with wide daily fluctuations. With the mills located in this area the province has a long history of using renewable energies. innogy offers your company to prolong this tradition.

Even it’s a cold region in Spain the solar radiation is top amongst Europe – so an excellent place for your company to get renewable energy. 

The high radiation allows innogy to plan a park with 50 megawatts. Enough to provide renewable energy for one year for more than 25,000 households.

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An ideal size for medium to large scale companies all around Europe. If you are interested in this project please contact us. 

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