Clean energy at an agreed price

A sustainable partnership for the long term

Claim: Today, we are not thinking about tomorrow. We already did that the day before yesterday. innogy creates future solutions like Renewables PPA, which bring companies long-term competitive advantages.

Become part of the transformation of the energy system with innogy and reap the benefits at the same time: Power Purchase Agreements are long-term contracts that guarantee you electricity from renewable sources at an agreed price.
These are the advantages for you:

  • Stability and transparency: As the long-term contract price stays fixed and independent from the volatility in the market, you’ll have a reliable overview of future energy costs, allowing you to plan your budgets accordingly.
  • Security from future price developments: It’s impossible to predict how energy prices will develop in future. With Power Purchase Agreements, you’ll stay independent from the volatility in the market.
  • Low-risk approach: We’ll invest in renewable energies exclusively for you and take on the operational risk. innogy is responsible for plant servicing and maintenance.
  • Strategic focus: The long-term fixed price will spare you continuous effort, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

The electricity market of the future is unpredictable

 Pictogram "curve chart": The electricity market of the future cannot be forecast.

Future electricity price is hard to predict. Still, up until 2020, a moderate price level is anticipated for primary energy carriers. However, from that point on it is likely to change, due to an expected increase in costs for primary energy and CO2 certificates. This will then influence the electricity price (source: Energy Brainpool).

Tailored to your needs

At innogy, our focus is always on our customers’ requirements. Our experts plan the supply contract and the term of the agreement according to your strategy and expectations. innogy offers you all the available options:

Full service or targeted support?

If you prefer, we can take care of the entire process of electricity production from the supply through to the planning of downtime. This means you’ll get the full range of services from a single source. If you don’t want to change energy providers, no problem: innogy has a number of different options to reliably supply you with green energy. For example, we can cooperate with your provider, or you can choose a Price Guaranteed Agreement (Virtual PPA/Synthetic PPA) that offers you the same price security as the physical delivery. 

PPA: Not only for big fish

Medium-sized companies also have the opportunity to help shape the energy transition to their own advantage with Power Purchase Agreements: innogy offers collective contracts for group purchasers. There is also the option of a partial purchase agreement, which still gives customers direct access to clean electricity despite lower energy consumption. 
As a global and established energy company, we can construct projects around the world.

Power Purchase-Agreement: three facts

Pictogram "moneybag": Renewable energies Renewable is becoming more and more affordable. With Corporate PPAs, innogy is already making this benefit available to companies.

Favourable prospects:

Renewable energies are becoming more and more affordable. In 2016 alone, 138.5 GW of renewable electricity generation capacity was added to the market. This is nine percent higher than the previous year and more than ever before. At the same time, the investment volume decreased worldwide. The reason: increasingly affordable technology costs. (Source: Frankfurt School – UNEP Collaborating Centre; “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment”)

Pictogram "piggy bank": The majority of decision-makers in companies see economic advantages with Corporate PPAs.

Clear statement:

60 percent of the decision makers in companies name economic factors as motivators for concluding Corporate Power Purchase Agreements. (source: Baker McKenzie/clean energy pipeline; 2015: “The Rise of Corporate PPA”)

Pictogram "handshake": The market for Corporate PPAs is growing worldwide. By partnering with innogy, companies can profit from this.

Lively market:

the total worldwide capacity of PPAs in 2016 was over 4.3 GW. The US market accounts for the majority of this amount. In Europe, demand also rose. In 2016, contracts with a total capacity of over one GW were concluded – nearly three times the amount of the previous year. (Source: Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2017)


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