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Green power purchase agreements – the energy supply of the future

All over the world rethinking is taking place, this is not only indicated by the Climate Agreement of Paris. In addition, 67 per cent of the 250 biggest companies worldwide have set climate targets for themselves (source: "The road ahead. The KPMG Survey of Corporate Responsibility Reporting 2017"). However, in order to achieve those targets, green energy plants for approximately 770 billion euros per year would be needed. New business models such as green PPAs could play a key role in this context (source: IRENA, “Rethinking Energy 2017”).

These long-term contracts are considered an innovation on the energy market and are increasingly in demand. The members of the RE100 initiative, including companies like Ikea and SwissRE, want to achieve a 100 per cent supply with energy from renewable sources. Many of them have entered into green PPAs to reach that target.

We at innogy support businesses in these endeavours and develop tailored concepts for the energy supply of the future.

Supply your business with the energy of the future.

Two pairs of hands hold some soil together from which a green sprout grows. Green power purchase agreements help make businesses more sustainable.

More sustainability

Green power purchase agreements can be become a building block of your business strategy. The long-term contracts guarantee a supply with green electricity at a fixed price. This helps even companies with a high energy consumption achieve their climate targets.

A woman and a man in business attire stand behind a glass pane and look at a tablet together. It is important to customers and investors that a business projects an image of sustainability. Corporate PPAs improve a company's profile in the eyes of its stakeholders.

Good for the image

Customers, investors and other stakeholders are also interested in how sustainable your company operates. This means that corporate PPAs increase your company’s attractiveness for providers of capital. International investors like Allianz SE and Union Invest for example, announced in 2018 that they will no longer invest in coal based businesses.

“Green PPAs help businesses take control of their energy supply”

Weero Koster is a long-standing PPA expert. In an interview he explains what potential he sees in this innovative business model – download now.

Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) are fully on trend: after all, the long-term electricity contracts do not just help drive the energy transition. They also bring economic benefits to businesses. PPA expert Weero Koster knows exactly where the potential lies and that this trend can develop into something really big. The legal expert advocates this innovative business model and advises businesses and governments.

Download the interview with PPA expert Weero Koster

innogy PPAs in detail

Projects for the future

Some companies have already entered into green PPAs.
They can be set up in many different ways and can be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of different businesses. 

Success stories

This is how others do it: four examples of companies that use green PPAs.

Solar energy from Spain for your business

Secure your supply with green energy at a fixed price. The project at a glance

Green PPAs push your business ahead

Four benefits for your business

Become an active part of the energy transition with innogy and benefit at the same time:

A hand stops dominoes from falling: PPAs can protect businesses from the unstoppable development of electricity prices.


It is virtually impossible to predict how quickly the energy price will develop. With power purchase agreements you can eliminate this worry and secure a long-term supply with green electricity at a fixed price.

In the foreground a hand is typing on a keyboard. In the background a silhouette of a person can be seen leaning over documents. PPAs provide transparency on future energy costs today.


With the long-term fixed price, you already know today what your energy costs will be for the foreseeable future. This means that you can reliably plan your budgets well in advance.

A woman with a hard hat on her head and a tablet in her hand is standing outside. In the background a wind turbine can be seen against a cloudy sky. innogy takes on the operational risk of investing in new projects.

No risks

We invest in renewables exclusively for you and the operational risk remains with us. innogy will service and maintain the plants.

A hand is stacking up cubical building blocks in front of a panel window. PPAs by innogy free up extra scope for your core business.

Strategic focus

Contract durations of five, ten or more years save you costs and free up resources. This means that you can focus on your core business even more.

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