How you can achieve your climate goals with Power Purchase Agreements

Clean energy on a long-term contract improves carbon footprint and promotes your image

Bird's eye perspective on a freeway seamed with trees: innogy helps organisations achieve their climate goals with Power Purchase Agreements.

More and more international companies are setting themselves strict climate targets to satisfy the requirements of their customers and investors. One example is the RE100 Initiative for companies that aim to achieve “100 per cent renewable energies”. The founding members include famous brands such as IKEA and SwissRe.

To put plans like this into practice, companies need innovative solutions. Corporate Power Purchase Agreements make it easier for companies to achieve their carbon reduction goals cost effectively. These long-term supply contracts guarantee clean energy at an agreed price and accelerate the energy transition within your company.

PPA as strategic contribution

The expansion of renewable energies is one of the fundamental principles behind Power Purchase Agreements. The specific form that this added value will take depends on the type of product. 

For the Standard PPA , innogy even invests in new plants such as wind farms or solar fields for the customer if so required. These plants can then supply the organisation with clean electricity. Virtual PPAs  (also called Synthetic or Financial PPAs) are financial products that promote renewable energy expansion indirectly. 

Secure your advantages for sustainability and promote your image

Hands surround and protect a small plant: Power Purchase Agreements can be a part of your corporate sustainability strategy.

Advantage: sustainability

Power Purchase Agreements can become a key component of the corporate sustainability strategy. The long-term supply contracts guarantee clean electricity at an agreed price. This makes it easier for companies to meet their carbon reduction targets, even those with a high demand for energy.

On the roof of a company building, solar panels are generating electricity. With Power Purchase Agreements, innogy delivers clean energy directly and exclusively.

Advantage: image promotion

The extent of an organisation’s sustainability has recently been under increasing scrutiny from customers, investors and society as a whole. This means that Power Purchase Agreements serve as an important success factor: the effect is particularly obvious with noticeable investment in new plants (Standard / Physical PPA). These long-term contracts thus strengthen the image of participating organisations as innovation drivers in their fields.

Investment in the future

Worldwide, there is a growing awareness of the necessity for climate-friendly strategies such as the use of renewable energy. This means that a sustainable orientation becomes an investment in the future viability of the organisation.


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