Research and development

Wind turbines – onshore and offshore

Windmill research: damage such as splits or erosion to the rotor blades must be identified at an early stage.

Wind power projects

Land-based wind power infrastructure is now an established part of our energy generation system. innogy’s R&D activities are therefore focused mainly on finding ways to operate the facilities more efficiently and in a way that is more environmentally friendly.

innogy is also a key player in many research projects in the offshore area. Together with Carbon Trust Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) we are working on ways to cut the costs of offshore wind farms.

Onshore research

Wind power infrastructure being erected in the Königshovener Höhe onshore wind farm.

Photo and video analyses help make repair activities easier to plan.

The current research project entitled “Photo and video analyses of wind turbines” involves photographing or filming wind turbines in different positions. The images obtained help identify damage such as splits or erosion to the rotor blades at an early stage, making it easier to plan potential down-times for repair work.

Video analyses can also determine whether the three rotor blades have been set at exactly the same angle. Deviations can lead to substantial unbalances, depending on the strength of the wind. This has an impact on revenues, causes long-term damage to the facility and shortens its service life.

Smarter plant operation using sensors

In the project entitled “Smarter plant operation using sensors”, sensors gather large volumes of data from wind turbines, which is important to help control and monitor the facilities. The result is better control over maintenance work, down-times and network requirements – quite literally smarter operation of the wind turbine systems.

Offshore research

Alternative installation method on the open sea

As part of its “VIBRO” pilot project, innogy is working alongside other project partners to test whether it is more efficient to shake massive offshore foundations into the sea floor than the traditional method of driving the piles into position.

Alternative measurement method for wind data

innogy has been testing the use of innovative buoys to measure wind strength in the Netherlands and the UK. We have given a number of manufacturers the opportunity to install their measurement buoys in the vicinity of our wind turbines. This project has shown that measurement buoys are capable of satisfying the criteria for commercial use set down by the Carbon Trust.

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