Smart grids

Intelligent grids for secure energy supply

With intelligent power grids and efficient energy storage solutions, innogy is not only safeguarding our future supply but also contributing to Germany's energy transition.

Dr. Andreas Breuer
Our grid will be able to meet the challenges of the future with more flexibility and more intelligence.
Dr Andreas Breuer: Head of New Technologies/Projects for innogy Grid & Infrastructure

flagship projects for smart grids:

AmpaCity super-conductor

Technological world first in Essen

Smart Country

Smart network concepts for country areas

innogy also conducts research here:

The proactive distribution grid

Smart electricity grids of the future

Smart Operator

Flexible grids for decentralised generators

Smart Stations

Intelligent grid concepts


Intelligent power grids for Europe


More efficient use of green energy

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Dr. Andreas Breuer

Dr. Andreas Breuer

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