Integrating renewables across the EU

Renewable energies are the future. The European Union commits its member states to cover at least 50 percent of electricity consumption with renewable energy sources by 2030. 

For this to succeed, a flexible, responsive and dynamic pan-European electricity system is needed. Usage of flexibilities can help to maintain the security and stability of the electricity supply and fulfill the high technical requirements in future.

The European EU-SysFlex project addresses the challenges arising from this increasingly complex environment by integrating new types of system and flexibility services. 

EU-SysFlex – system operation and flexibility solutions for integrating renewables

EU-SysFlex identifies the long-term needs as well as the technical scarcities of the future power system. Though innovative processes it will derive new solutions for the pan-European market across all sectors: from the development of new approaches for system operation, to market design and regulatory requirements, as well as the integration of new system services and data management plans. 

Seven industrial-scale demonstrators are testing new flexibility and system services. Drawing on the replicability and scalability analysis, the research and innovation project will be an ultimate roadmap of change for Europe.

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The German demonstrator – enabling provision of flexibilities to the transmission grid

Already in 2018 Germany had a share of 38 percent in renewable energy resources (RES), regarding the gross electricity generation. An even higher share of RES is expected in the following years, as the German government aims at 65 percent RES untill 2030. Therefore, the results of EU-SysFlex have a high importance for the German energy market and system operators. 

As part of the project, innogy and MITNETZ STROM are responsible for a demonstrator in the grid territory of MITNETZ STROM in Brandenburg, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt. The objective is to show how flexibility can be provided from the high-voltage grid to the transmission system operator without negatively affecting the distribution grid.    

The German demonstrator is on one hand testing new redispatch methods and showing how the provision of flexibilities to the transmission system operator can be enabled, for example by decentralised energy resources from the distribution grid. On the other hand, it is also demonstrating new coordination mechanisms needed for voltage management.

“As a strong partner, innogy has the opportunity to strengthen the position of the distribution system operators and raise awareness for their future challenges on a European level.” 
Carmen Calpe,
innogy project manager

Cooperation of partners from all over the EU

Together with 32 partners from 15 European countries, including transmission and distribution system operators, technology providers, aggregators, consultancies as well as universities and research institutes, innogy takes part in this unique flagship project. EU-SysFlex was launched in November 2017 and runs until 2021. 

Funded by Horizon 2020

The project is funded with 20.5 million Euros from the EU framework programme for research and innovation Horizon 2020 under grant agreement No. 773505.