Smart Stations

Intelligent grid concepts

We do not just talk about the transformation of the energy sector – we are right in the middle of it! With innogy Smart Stations – various intelligent grid concepts and research projects – we provide solutions, in particular for rural areas. Because increasing electricity generation from solar energy, wind and hydropower requires decentralised technological solutions. In order to optimally support the regions with their individual needs, we use various smart technologies in many places

Electricity no longer just flows from the power station to the consumer; prosumers – who are consumers as well as producers of electricity – now also feed electricity into the grid. Another factor is that electricity generated from renewable sources depends on the weather. This tests conventional electricity grids to their limits in many places.

As part of the EU-supported demonstration project Grid4EU we are testing in the Münsterland region how medium-voltage grid technology can be optimised in such a way that the grids can respond to feed-in fluctuations more dynamically and flexibly. In the Emsland region, too, we are investing in numerous projects – from wide-range regulation via controllable secondary substations to the concept of home energy management. We provide local technological support for companies and households and ensure the required integration into the grid.

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