Grid project in the Münsterland region

Leading distribution system operators from six European countries have joined forces in the Grid4EU project in order to exchange their experiences with smart grids and to drive the technology forward together.

Six individual projects focus on different aspects of grid development. Since the participants operate more than 50 per cent of all metering points in Europe, the results are highly representative. Grid4EU receives a total of €25.5 million in European Union funding. The overall budget of the project is €54 million.

700 systems feed into the grid in Reken.

In Reken, in Germany’s Münsterland region, innogy is testing how the technology of existing power grids can be optimised in such a way that they can respond quicker to fluctuating feed-ins with electricity generated from renewable energy sources. The municipality of Reken with its urban-rural structures provides good conditions for the model project. Here, 700 systems that produce electricity from renewable sources are already feeding into the grid.

This intelligent grid management aims at optimising the electricity at the local level. This means: if plenty of electricity is produced when the sun shines brightly and a fresh wind blow across Reken, and if the demand for electricity by large companies is high at the same time, the smart grid ensures that the energy that is produced locally is consumed locally as well.

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The project leaders Thomas Wiedemann and Prof. Lars Jendernalik talk about the exchange with other EU countries, the contribution from the sciences and the technological upgrade of the Reken distribution grid.

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