Smart Country

Smart network concepts for country areas

innogy is taking new perspectives and economic stimuli out to the regional areas. As a powerful regional partner, we help municipalities and local inhabitants to achieve their energy efficiency and climate protection goals on-site. For example, to make it possible to transport green electricity to the consumer with no barriers, you need networks capable of managing the task safely and securely. This involves more than just new “electricity superhighways” linking north and south; the “electricity country roads” also need to be converted to make them smarter and more powerful. Locally generated electricity from an increasing number of small facilities that is fed into the local grid also has to make it to the cities. That’s a major challenge for the capacity and stability of the distribution systems.

How can the existing distribution network be brought into line with the constantly increasing number of decentralised generation systems? The goal of the Smart Country research project, led by innogy, is to test out network concepts such as these at a practical level and evaluate their economic and technical viability. Ensuring stable voltage quality in the face of the growing feed-in of energy from fluctuating renewable sources in country areas, in particular, is one of the major challenges. One key element of Smart Country in terms of ensuring a stable energy supply system is the world’s first biogas storage tank, which can hold electricity for up to 12 hours.

Rhineland-Palatinate model project

Project partners

GreenTec Award 2015

Group photo of the winners: innogy Divisional Board Member Dr. Joachim Schneider (5th from right) accepted the GreenTec Award for the Smart Country project in May 2015.

Total success: Smart Country scored across the board at the GreenTec Awards. The award in the Energy category, which the model project took in 2015, is one of the most important independent environmental and economic prizes in Europe. See the corporate website for more on the GreenTec Awards.

GreenTec Award

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