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LED technology has a future – and a long history

Five light painting photography flowers on a mudflat: using innogy LEDs efficiently saves energy.

Whether at home, in the office or on the street, LEDs shine brighter and save electricity. The future of light belongs to the light emitting diode (LED). Its story began in 1907 in England and spread around the world.

Henry Joseph Round was the first to observe that inorganic substances illuminate when an electrical current is applied. However, he devoted himself to other activities and his discovery was initially forgotten. The LED history picked up speed again in 1921 in Russia. Oleg Vladimirowitsch Losev made the same observation as Round and researched the phenomenon further until 1942. Nevertheless, it was not until 1962 that the American Nick Holonyak brought the industrially manufactured LED onto the market. In the 80s and 90s LEDs were developed in a variety of colours, giving rise to the potential for art objects as beautiful trinkets or all kinds of lighting. innogy naturally has a part in this. The illumination weeks in Essen, the spectacle “Recklinghausen leuchtet” [“Recklinghausen lights up”] and the town hall in Mülheim/Ruhr are all skilfully put into the limelight by innogy experts. We are also involved with the LED run in Essen.

A lighting solution for companies

When it comes to light, state-of-the-art LEDs are the right choice to be perfectly equipped for the future. Today, companies can save cash with sustainable lighting concepts. The exchange of all lighting usually pays off in a very short amount of time: energy savings of up to 80 percent and significantly lower servicing costs contribute to this. Qualitatively speaking, LED technology is far superior to conventional lighting – there is no flickering, humming or power-on delay. The environment is also spared thanks to significant CO2 cutbacks as well as cheap and unproblematic disposal.

innogy offers you much more than the exchange of old with new: the sustainable and manufacturer-independent lighting solutions make it possible to have maximum energy efficiency at low costs, precisely tailored to the local conditions and the individual applications of the respective company. Together with competent partners, innogy handles the entire upgrading process – from consulting to planning through to commissioning.

The transition to LEDs is happening quickly and comfortably. Companies can choose between purchase and cost-effective rental options. For a fixed monthly fee, innogy takes on the planning and construction from a single source, and guarantees maintenance as well as service features. The client need not lift a finger nor undertake investments – compelling arguments for transitioning to LED lights.

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