An award for climate protection

The innogy climate protection award

This year the winners of the climate protection award were involved in projects that support environmental and climate protection in a town or district. The respective local authority collaborates with innogy to decide who will win the up to €5,000 award. Individuals, clubs, institutions and companies can show how they are protecting the environment and working to combat climate change by working on specific projects within their communities.

For example, in 2016 the Lehmer Razejungen in the region of Mayen-Koblenz were among the winners for their work on the lavender and herb terraces on the hills of the lower Mosel river. Awards also went to the “green schoolroom” of the Mellinghofer Strasse middle school in Mülheim an der Ruhr as well as the bicycle repair shop of a workgroup of refugees in Werne. All projects have one thing in common: they work to protect the climate in their municipality.

Since 2009, a large number of good ideas and model campaigns from local and regional areas have regularly been brought to the attention of the public. A total of over 4,000 projects have won the award so far.

A wide range of ideas and projects qualify for the award – from the energy-saving heating system for a club house to a protection project for endangered animal species. The important thing in all cases is that people show initiative and work together to achieve their aims. The activities submitted can still be in the planning or implementation phase, or they can already have been completed.

The climate protection award is presented annually in the towns and districts and amounts to up to €5,000, depending on the size of the municipality. A jury decides which projects will be funded and how much money each project will receive. As a result, good ideas from local and regional areas become regularly visible to the public and encourage people to take the initiative. After all, the aim is to find others who will follow suit.

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Climate protection award

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