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innogy helps refugees integrate

innogy employees give German lessons to refugees as part of the Companius programme.

Leena Moulhim comes from Aleppo. The civil war there forced her to leave her homeland. innogy’s employee participation project Companius helps refugees like Leena to build a new future in Germany. The German lessons that innogy employees offer to refugees helped her to get a better start in Germany. Leena learned German so well that she even ended up doing a three-month internship at Companius.

We conducted a video interview with Leena. This video is different from any other video we’ve made so far in that it’s difficult to “digest”. Nevertheless, we think it’s important to show you it, as you will be introduced to Leena, a brave woman who has been through terrible things but still has a lot of hope for the future.

We asked Leena to speak in her native Arabic so she wouldn’t have to be searching for the right words. Her words are subtitled in the video. Please take a few minutes to hear what she says.

“Wir zusammen” (all of us together). The employee participation project Companius helps refugees integrate in Germany

The company joined the “Wir zusammen” (all of us together) initiative, thus making a promise to help refugees integrate by offering them internships, for example. Employees can participate in the initiative via the Companius programme, by offering language courses, helping to renovate accommodation or organising events for example.

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