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Some see it as a symbol of the “sharing economy”, for others it is proof of a new culture of simple, old-style sharing: the public book case is intended to provide everyone with an option to borrow books or to add new ones to the inventory.

Thanks to sponsorship by innogy, there are now 128 public book cases in Germany. They are located in rural towns and villages like Nideggen in the Eifel area or Raesfeld in Münsterland, but also in larger towns like Bergheim and Wesel or in the city of Essen.

There are many reasons for the popularity of these literary treasure troves: they are a library that is open 24/7. This makes the public book case the perfect source of reading material in these vibrant times. It is also a place to meet like-minded people; books are always a good topic to start a conversation.

We have listed all of the locations for the innogy book cases below, in alphabetical order by place names.

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