innogy’s Green Bonds

innogy’s Green Bond Framework

innogy has decided to set up a program for so-called Green Bonds to (re)finance its investment projects that are in line with the Green Bond Principles issued by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

In alignment with the Green Bond Principles, innogy’s Green Bond Framework is presented through the following key pillars: 

  1. Use of Proceeds
  2. Process for Project Evaluation and Selection
  3. Management of Proceeds 
  4. Reporting
  5. External review

For further details please see the below link:

Green Bond Framework


Assurance Letter (October 2018)

Sustainalytics confirms the continued validity of the second party opinion on innogy’s Green Bond Framework and the eligibility of projects in the grid business.

Assurance Letter

Second Opinion by Sustainalytics (October 2017)

innogy has mandated Sustainalytics (agency for ESG/CSR ratings) to conduct an external review of the Green Bond Framework. Sustainalytics has issued a Second Opinion confirming the proper alignment with the Green Bond Principles.

Second Opinion by Sustainalytics

Proceeds of innogy’s Green Bond are allocated to grid projects (October 2018)

The proceeds of innogy’s Green Bond from 2017 (nominal value of €850 million) are completely allocated to grid projects from the following categories:

  • Investments to connect renewables (above 30 kW) to the grid 
  • Grid investments due to Energiewende, e.g. investments in the grid to cope with more and more fluctuating feed-in from renewables. 
  • Smart meter investments.

These types of investments are part of the eligible projects as defined in the 2017 Green Bond Framework and are in line with the Green Bond Principles.

The nominal value of €850 Mio from innogy‘s inaugural Green Bond (issued in October 2017) is allocated to capex spending between 2014 and 2016 in the above mentioned grid categories.

Further information can be found in the following presentation:

Green bond presentation and reporting (March 2020)

Corporate responsibility

We are aware of our ecological, economical and social responsibility of conducting our activities. For further details please see our Corporate Responsibility webpage, especially our sustainability report and our ESG/CSR sustainability ratings (e.g. MSCI, Ecovadis, Oekom, Sustainalytics):