Green Bond Framework

innogy’s Green Bond Framework

innogy has decided to set up a program for so-called Green Bonds to (re)finance its investment projects that are in line with the Green Bond Principles issued by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).

In alignment with the Green Bond Principles, innogy’s Green Bond Framework is presented through the following key pillars: 

  1. Use of Proceeds
  2. Process for Project Evaluation and Selection
  3. Management of Proceeds 
  4. Reporting
  5. External review

For further details please see the below link:

Green Bond Framework

Presentation: innogy’s Green Bond

The Green Bond Presentation provides an overview of innogy’s Green Bond Framework. Furthermore, ‘eligible projects’ are disclosed, which are allocated to innogy’s first Green Bond.

Green Bond presentation

2017 figures for eligible Green Bond Projects

innogy share COD Investment Production* in 2017 avoided GHG* in 2017 EIB emmission factor
Project   Year EURm GWh kt of CO2 t CO2 / MWh
Galloper 25% 2018 104 -


Gwynt y Môr 50% 2015 388 977 561 0.57
Nordsee One (N1) 15% 2017 34 65 46 0.71
Nordsee Ost (NSO) 100% 2015 304 946 669 0.71
Zuidwester 100% 2017 159 244 112 0.46
Sum 989 2.232 1.388
*figures for N1 and Zuidwester don´t reflect a full year. all figures correspond to innogy’s share in the project

Second Opinion by Sustainalytics

innogy has mandated Sustainalytics (agency for ESG/CSR ratings) to conduct an external review of the Green Bond Framework. Sustainalytics has issued a Second Opinion confirming the proper alignment with the Green Bond Principles.

Second Opinion by Sustainalytics

Corporate responsibility

We are aware of our ecological, economical and social responsibility of conducting our activities. For further details please see our Corporate Responsibility webpage, especially our sustainability report and our ESG/CSR sustainability ratings (e.g. MSCI, Ecovadis, Oekom, Sustainalytics):