A new lease of life for old books

innogy's public book cases cast a magic spell.

The latest book has been read, the book case is bursting at the seams. This is where innogy's public book cases come in: people share books – in public places and without any money changing hands. 

In this way bookworms are kept fed and literature finds new readers. This creates an exchange of reading material that many people benefit from. Book fanatics who have access to new, free books 24/7; people who can treat other people and municipalities who create a new favourite place of communication for their inhabitants.

The public book case has really been received exceptionally well by the public. People frequently approach me and tell me how delighted they are, that we have a such a public book case in Weilerswist.
Book patron Heidrun Brening, Weilerswist

innogy's public book cases are very special places, because book lovers meet in front of them, can recommend the best reads to each other and sometimes even friendships may start at the book cases.

innogy actively supports book sharing and has already erected public book cases in more than 140 locations in villages, towns and cities around the country, for example in North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Rhineland Palatinate. All book cases are accessible without any barriers 24/7. They could be called street libraries and they are free to use for everyone. 

As in other walks of life, the sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular – sharing is the new owning. innogy also follows the idea of sustainability in different as well, the philosophy of sharing also governs its eCarSharing schemes. Regardless whether it is electricity or literature: everyone should get their share! innogy supports many projects in the region.

Public book case number 196

Current number of innogy book cases

As of March 13, 2020

The site has become a place where people meet and communicate. The readers use it very conscientiously and responsibly! Many thanks again for your support!
Book patron Dirk Brassel, Brakel

Share, swap, browse – this is how it works!

Crime fiction, literary classics or popular children's books, many different types of books can be found on the shelves of the book cases. The street library is a place to stop and browse. If you find a book you like, you can take it with you. You can put a book from your collection on the shelf to replace it or simply bring back the one you took after you have finished reading it. The next reader will thank you for it!

One or more voluntary book patrons look after each public book case. They regularly visit "their" book case, check it and tidy up. innogy is proud of its book patrons. Many thanks for your commitment!

Which books are particularly popular?

We talked to one of our many book patrons. Wolfgang Tänzer is a book seller. He owns the "Bücherwurm" book shop. In addition he looks after the innogy book case in Datteln.

Question: What is particularly popular with the book case users in Datteln? 

Wolfgang Tänzer: Currently they particularly like to read books by Karl May. But don't ask me why. But also classics by Goethe und Schiller go quickly and even old law texts find new readers.

Question: You can see the public book case from your book shop. What do you observe on a daily basis? 

Wolfgang Tänzer: Many people from Datteln come to the book case regularly. Most of them look like they are thirty years or older. I don't see really young people there. Men and women come in equal numbers. Bu the main thing is: people read!

Question: The public book case has already been in Datteln since 2014. What is special about it? 

Wolfgang Tänzer: We have found the ideal location for the book case. It is situated right under a light and next to a bench. A nice place to read a book. In all the years nothing bad has ever happened either. There was only one small incident at a New Year's Eve. The people in Datteln look after their book case. 

Question: Have you ever taken out a book from the book case yourself?

Wolfgang Tänzer: Yes, a specialist book. People often take them as well, by the way.

Question: What does a book patron do?

I attend to the book case once or twice a week. If the shelves are empty, I put new bools in, because people sometimes lso drop books in at the book shop. But I never arrange the books in any particular order. People like surprises and enjoy browsing themselves.

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