Carbon-free on the road with innogy e-bikes

A biking trip with innogy’s e-bike is fun and environmentally friendly.

On tour carbon-free and on two wheels with innogy: bicycles with electric drives are a contemporary and climate-friendly option for city traffic. The purpose of innogy’s “E-Bikes on Tour” programme is to actively promote the new simplicity of cycling. The plan is to continuously expand this project, which began in 2010.

In order to further promote the topic of electric mobility with the aid of e-bikes in towns and districts, we present an innogy “E-Bike Award” every two years. This award honours sustainable and innovative concepts for the integration of e-bikes into day-to-day urban life. Building on the concepts developed, we bring more attention to the topic of urban development and electric mobility.

But our commitment doesn’t stop there: we also lend innogy e-bikes to towns and districts that want to see which concepts are a good fit for the mobility of the future. They can then pursue and implement the ones that suit best.

E-bikes are not just convenient for cyclists; they also help the environment: the electric bicycles are a good environmentally friendly complement to street traffic. Leaving your car at home and travelling by e-bike means you are contributing towards reducing carbon emissions. And what’s more: with the e-bike you can avoid every traffic jam and save all that time spent hunting for a parking space.

Electric bicycles are becoming increasingly popular: more than one million e-bikes are already on the roads in Germany – and numbers are growing fast.

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