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Finding solutions at the energy round table

Talks around a table: at regular energy round tables, innogy promotes dialogue on the energy transition with local authorities and citizens.

Partners for innovation and ideas

In dialogue with municipal partners, innogy is driving the energy transition. The best way to develop new strategies and ideas on climate protection is to work together with local authorities – for this purpose, we hold our regular energy round tables. We talk to you on site about innovative modernisation measures and awareness in our use of resources. Energy is important for us all – and innogy is relying on you! We want to engage in dialogue with you: are you interested in a dialogue event? If yes, please contact us.

The innogy energy round table – event dates

Ein Mann nutzt eine Anwendung auf seinem Tablet, um den Stromverbrauch im Haushalt zu kontrollieren.

“Smart living – smart use of energy”

In June, the German government passed a law on digitisation of the energy transition. In accordance with this, from next year onwards modern metering devices (digital meters) and intelligent metering systems (Smart Meters) will gradually become mandatory for commercial and industrial customers as well as for households and operators of renewable energy plants. The date installation becomes mandatory depends on consumption levels. While the digital meter currently only displays consumption data, the Smart Meter can also transmit the data. The German government is implementing this legislation in an attempt to optimise consumption behaviour and better utilisation and control of the networks.

However: is it really possible to save electricity with the aid of the new technology? And what can these intelligent metering systems, “Smart Meters”, actually do? We would be happy to discuss these and other questions with you at the next innogy energy round table.

A new date will be published soon on this website.

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