Preparing for the future with broadband cabling

Smart grids for municipalities

“Smart grids” are intelligent electricity and data networks. Local authorities play an important role in expanding those grids. Because only a municipality that can offer a fast internet connection for citizens and businesses can secure its status as a place to live and work in the long term.


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innogy supports local authorities in expanding their smart grids – but there is still a long way to go: broadband cabling in some towns and cities and especially in rural areas is often still inadequate and many telecommunications companies are not prepared to carry the high costs that are associated with expanding the grid. innogy offers comprehensive analyses for these municipalities. We assess if fibreoptic cable can be laid in the same duct as other lines, concretise business models with external service providers and support the local authorities in implementing the projects. We have won competent partners for marketing these services and drawn up a framework agreement.

innogy is committed to expanding broadband networks – because we want to contribute to flourishing municipalities where people live and where companies do business!

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