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Free WiFi in public spaces: a young woman uses her laptop while relaxing in the park.

For most people today, Internet access is both normal and vital – and is a point of differentiation for many cities and municipalities: offering free WiFi in public areas and in public and social facilities is a way to gain a clear advantage. innogy helps municipal authorities design and implement WiFi networks. Talk to us about it!

Public WiFi in communal spaces

With “public WiFi in communal spaces”, innogy is offering municipalities a multi-layered digital product which, in addition to the WiFi product consulting, planning and conception, includes the setup/operation of the WiFi infrastructure and is specifically tailored to the needs and wants of municipalities in today’s digital age: 

– Desire to increase the appeal of municipalities with the use of mobile communication
– Interests of economic development, increasing the appeal of the location with developed infrastructure
– Creation of a positive image among tourists and guests with modern mobile communication


– Product advice: assistance of municipalities in the selection of WiFi systems and manufacturers
– Concept development: basic concepts and detailed concepts for the installation of WiFi systems
– Project management: project assistance in the installation of public WLAN while respecting urban interests
– Provision of WiFi expertise: insights with access to many Freifunk communities, such as Freifunk Rheinland e.V., Essen, Emscherland, Ostvest, Düren, Aachen, Nord-West, and Hochstift.
– WiFi infrastructure: hardware procurement (routers), battery-powered routers on street lighting, network access, etc.

Advantages for municipalities

– Improvement in cooperation based on partnership
– Consultancy and support from a reliable partner
– Decision-making confidence and investment reliability with draft and detailed planning and cost-benefit consideration

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