Thoroughly intelligent: public buildings

Efficient with innogy SmartHome kommunal

A classroom with chairs and desks, and a Smartboard on the wall: innogy advises on subjects such as smart energy management in public buildings.

Smart systems are one of the keys to the transformation of the energy mix: after all, centrally controlling and coordinating all the important functions of facility management will lead to savings in terms of power, costs and carbon footprint. For local and urban authorities, innogy can offer the right solutions based on its SmartHome technology for public buildings such as kindergartens, schools and town halls. All municipalities can use our customised products and services in different ways: remote-controlled activation and deactivation of electronic heating and lighting devices is every bit as possible as controlling building protection systems.

innogy SmartHome kommunal offers many benefits for local authorities:

  • The new technology perfectly controls electricity and heating needs of public buildings.
  • Targeted control makes it easier to save costs and cut down on climate-damaging CO2.
  • The technology can also protect against vandalism, break-ins and fire.
  • Ease of remote operation and central facility management cut down on the need for security rounds, making work easier for the caretaker.

Introducing innogy SmartHome kommunal is our way of providing customised strategies to support city and local authorities – together we can improve the energy-efficiency of public buildings.

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