Aerial thermography

Aids for energy analysis

Thermographic image of a municipality: results obtained from innogy’s aerial thermography help municipalities and their inhabitants to identify heat leaks and save energy.

innogy's aerial thermography project is a good example of innovative environmental protection at a municipal level. It uses a special aircraft to take heat images from the air and make the appropriate measurements. Analysis of these thermographic images makes it possible to represent the energy status of all building roofs in a municipality in graphic form. So all property owners in a municipality can benefit from this information, they are given an individual heat image for their own roof once the data has been processed. Every owner can thus see the points in the roof where there are heat leaks, and where new or additional insulation will be necessary.

It is not only the inhabitants who benefit, however – the entire municipality does too. Heat maps provide the municipality with valuable information about its own real estate, as well as an energy footprint for the area covered by the municipality. The project thus contributes to energy savings as a civic service, as well as making a substantial contribution toward climate-friendly and sustainable urban development.

Upon request, the innogy aerial thermography project will also include free energy consultations for local residents.

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