Electric mobility for local authorities

With innogy, municipalities get going

Electric vehicle at a charging station: innogy is continuously expanding the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The German government has stated a clear commitment to expanding electric mobility. One million electric vehicles should be on Germany’s roads by 2020. innogy helps local authorities become part of the nationwide infrastructure of charging stations. This will also enable them to make a contribution towards environmental protection. The focus here is on developing and installing intelligent charging points.
We develop an tailored e-mobility concept for individual municipalities in order to help them on their path towards electric mobility. Based on this concept we recommend the implementation of specific measures.

Benefits for local authorities

  • innogy’s advice and tailored offerings for local authorities facilitate entry into the future of electric mobility.
  • The local authority is responsible for a comprehensive charging station infrastructure and thus makes an important contribution towards climate protection.

An electric car with a Type 2 plug is charging on an innogy charging Station.

innogy charging point finder

Charging outside your own garage.

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Helmut Grawe, innogy street lighting project manager, and Dr. Silke Katharina Berger, innogy Head of Products for Local Authorities, in front of an innogy street light with charging point.

Street lights with charging point

Street lighting pole as electricity source.

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